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Servers and IRC Networks

The servers in a network maintain the contact between you and all other users. If you want to enjoy your IRC sessions it is important to find servers that work (fast) for you (ie. that are nearby to you) on networks with the atmosphere you like.

mIRC comes with a rather complete list of servers but you can always download an updated version of the servers.ini file. Simply save the servers.ini file to the mIRC directory on your harddisk (c:\program files\mirc\ or similar) and enjoy this refresh!! The new IRC networks and servers will immediately be available to you from within mIRC. Send all updates, remarks and questions regarding this list to

IRC Networks

To give you an idea of the vast amount of IRC networks available we gathered together some short introductions to the most important IRC networks available. Of all of these large networks the most important servers are included in mIRC's distribution files. We'd like to point to the irc://Links provided in these lists; click on a "irc://Link" and mIRC will be launched by your browser and connect to the selected network!

A good and quite complete list of IRC networks is provided by Netsplit. You could browse their list if your looking for something new :-)

irc://QuakeNet - QuakeNet is the place to be for everybody who likes a little fragging, or more ;-) With its huge amount of users you'll surely find people available for a game of Quake, or other games.

QuakeNet website
QuakeNet servers
QuakeNet statistics

irc://EFnet - Eris Free net was the largest IRC network for years and years, with over 100K online users on an average day. Because of its massive size EFnet was having lots of problems with lag, netsplits, op hacking and various other things but recent server improvements solved most of these problems.

EFnet website
EFnet Servers
EFnet Servers
EFnet Map

irc://Undernet - Undernet is a good alternative to EFnet. It provides a friendly and stable IRC network. The Undernet is growing in size very rapidly due to the continous improvements to the servers and the information and help provided to its users. Currently it holds about 100K users.

Undernet website
Undernet servers

irc://IRCnet - IRCnet is an IRC network that split of the large EFnet some years ago. At first it mainly consisted of European servers but overseas servers have joined to make a world-wide network with about 100K users.

IRCnet website
More IRCnet servers

irc://DALnet - DALnet was created by The EFnet's #startrek users as a quiet place where they could run their channel without having to deal with takeovers and netsplits. But the people who run DALnet stress that its not just for trekkers anymore. With about 30K users DALnet is now one of the largest and most active IRC networks available. It is well organized and one of the five most famous IRC networks.

DALnet website
DALnet servers

irc://GameSurge - GameSurge is home to the largest IRC gaming community in the United States. This network is home to a lot of well known companies and gamers and sports a great #support system for the user in need of assistance.

GameSurge website

irc://Newnet - NewNet once a small network of servers forced of EFnet, now a respectable and well maintained IRC network with 50+ servers linked. Its amount of users is still small but that might be just what you're looking for?

Newnet website

irc://Brasirc e irc://Brasnet são as maiores redes de IRC do Brasil. Elas são dedicadas aos usuários de IRC users de todo o Brasil e a todas as pessoas que falem português.

Brasirc website
BrasNet website

irc://Galaxynet - Galaxynet firmly established itself as one of the more popular networks. Apart from IRCnet, it serves more countries with local servers than any other.

irc://IRC-Hispano - IRC-Hispano es la mayor red de IRC de habla hispana del mundo, con más de 750.000 usuarios diarios y llegando a picos que superan facilmente los 44.500 usuarios simultáneos. iRC-Hispano ofrece un amplio surtido de servicios para usuarios y empresas con o sin experiencia. Os invitamos a explorar esta web y ver todo lo que iRC-Hispano tiene que ofreceros.

IRC-Hispano website

irc://StarLink - Starlink is dedicated to provide an IRC experience that is friendly, comfortable, and pleasant for all who visit.

irc://Austnet - Austnet is a very well organised net of Australian origine.

irc://Webnet - WebNet, formerly entirely run on Windows servers, developed into a very decent alternative to the major networks. The network still is a Showcase for the Conferenceroom server software.

More Networks

The list above is far from complete. There are lots and lots of IRC Networks and most of them have servers on all continents.

More Networks

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