Wednesday, December 26, 2007


* Tat's Trivia Script 3.5 by David Olsen
File Size: 187.44 kb
Script Types: Entertainment
Author Description: Tat's Trivia Script is by far the premier trivia script on the net today. With any feature you'd want or could dream of, Tat's Trivia Script is the product of over 3 years of work by an expert scripter. So for all your trivia needs, download this addon.
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* Tat's Trivia Bot 2.97 by David Olsen
File Size: 179.23 kb
Script Types: Entertainment
Author Description: Tat's Trivia Bot is the single most advanced trivia bot that exists today. It has every feature a trivia-master could want and more.
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* Skin Manager 1.0 by Firari
File Size: 1.14 kb
Script Types: none
Author Description: To load skins made with skin maker (Submitted skins can be downloaded at
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* Master Flood War 5.9 by Hunain Khatri
File Size: 7.39 kb
Script Types: none
Author Description: Yo!! You may enjoy these files, and u can kill yr enemy
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* Mithril Protect YOU! by |_pMAN_| And SengeHest
File Size: 71.72 kb
Script Types: Utility, Protection
Author Description: This is a great channel protection and has 24 different kicks/bans to make you and your channel safe from different "attacks"!!with this addon i can with 100% garanti say this addon will make you safe on irc.
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* SystemInfo 1.5-r3 by C}{$
File Size: 198.49 kb
Script Types: Utility
Author Description: Script that allows you to show your systeminfo to a channel, also has addons that displays winamp info.
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* IPCheck v.1.00 by chenghwa
File Size: 2.31 kb
Script Types: Popups, Utility
Author Description: This is a simple utility to check the physical location of the chatter based on ip address or hostnames.For example, it will do a lookup on to tell you it's from Singapore. It obtains the information via webservice. Check the readme-ipcheck.txt for more information.
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* echoX inviter 2.04 by acronym
File Size: 1.02 mb
Script Types: Channel Bot, Utility
Author Description: Finally echoX inviter is done and release it to the public, no worries about excess flood it's a invisible inviter with the best functions ever..try it!
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* DarkEngine Professional 2.6 by _aprentice_
File Size: 61.51 kb
Script Types: All Around
Author Description: System Information Script for displaying CPU, Video card, Sound card, internet connection info, winamp info, bandwidth, and much more!
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* Slap Script 0.01 by DeAd-MaN
File Size: 1.07 kb
Script Types: War
Author Description: Ok i have no name script and my nn script don't have slapping on it so when i was bored i made a slap script all you have to do is downlaod it load it rigth clcik on someones name when connected and select a salp!
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* 2lateamp 1.2 by 2late
File Size: 6.67 kb
Script Types: Utility
Author Description: This is a simple mIRC-script wich shows you the curent playing track from winamp. This release isn't a Plug In release for winamp & mIRC, the special here is that u don't need a DDE Server (Stream) from winamp to mIRC.
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* IRC Weather 1.00 by Riamus
File Size: 72.25 kb
Script Types: Utility
Author Description: IRC Weather is a mIRC script that can be used to view and display the weather in IRC. It is both similar and different from other scripts you may have seen. Like other weather scripts, IRC Weather can display the weather to the channel or two private message through a text display. However, it can also display weather through a GUI dialog.
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Please note these are reputable program addons that have been developed to work with and enhance the usage of mIRC .
These are not scripts as such and are not malicious or dangerous to use. Please be wary of installing ANY script/addon that is distrbuted on any IRC Network as they may contain malicious coding and/or viruses.

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