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mIRC has its own programming language that allows scripters to enhance mIRC by adding new features, changing the layout, and just about anything else.

Many new users rush out to try scripts blindly. This is both risky and unnecessary, because mIRC has many advanced features built in already, and adding scripts written by strangers can add new features, but they can also slow down or cripple mIRC, or worse yet, cause you to "hacked" just like if you opened email attachments blindly. -

Read this guide-to-choose-mirc-script before you download a mIRC script.

Top Download scripts:

1. 2448 Script Version 2 by Tlegrats
File Size:2.96 mb
Author Description: This script is an all-around script with alot of protections, commands and popups. It includes interfaces for chanserv, memoserv, operserv, and ircops. Lots of entertaining pop-ups and is a tribute to Hendrick Motorsports NASCAR drivers, Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson.
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2. Professional Script by Roc|{eY
File Size: 2.46 mb
Author Description: In this script you get all thing which you want.
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3. cats script by GROOGY
File Size: 802.58 kb
Author Description: its good script for beginners n expert users :) It has all protections popups and specially Dalnet services very easy to understand and used.
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4. cRiMiNaL ScRipT v9O by aLesSiucCio91
File Size: 1.36 mb
Author Description: The script is good enough and full enough; it's present a great commands for the colour.
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5. BuRC ScRiPT 4.02 by alternatif
File Size: 3.29 mb
Script Types: Entertainment, Protection
Author Description: BuRC is designed to be a good choice for anyone looking for a mIRC script. Most features work quietly in the background and those that don't can be turned off. You can keep yourself and your channels safe, and have a much nicer overall IRC experience. This script combines many modules which range from File Servers to Away Systems, Private to Channel Protection. Not exactly an all-around script, but more like a script that makes your IRC experience easier and more enjoyable. All the dialogs are beautifully designed. Each module does what it is meant to do, perfectly. This is a new script and is highly recommended for someone who just wants an extremly smooth script, and pretty script that struggles to function. 6 stars, highly recommended.
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6. BScript 1 by Byrak
File Size: 9.52 kb
Author Description: It has a simple Mp3 player, ctcp log system, query control, rawmode, away system, start dialog,and kick/ban protection.
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7. HellasIRC Script V2 by merlin
File Size: 1.88 mb
Script Types: All Around, Protection
Author Description: The second version of HIRC Script ;) Include : Protection, Radio, Fun, Slapper, etc ;) AND Everything you need to survive in the IRC Jungle.
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8. Sinistro Script by Rodrigo
File Size: 4.62 mb
Author Description: This Script has commands of ChanServ BotServ NickServ with only one click and it has commands for war, Ircops , kicks and bans, and other things and more than 10 games.
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9. Maximum Adrenaline 2.1 by Koraxe
File Size: 1.66 mb
Author Description: script built in dialogs, very nice and enjoyable.
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10. PowerScript 1.2.1 beta by antonnio_
File Size: 2.8 mb
Script Types: Channel Bot, Language, Protection
Author Description: Power script. un script la puterea asteptarilor tale Anti spam / Botzi (inchide prvt, Ignora mesajele botilor ce contzin : www.? , http://? etc.. si baneaza) Auto ping pe nick-ul tau (Scriptul se asigura ca nu ai lag . Nu este nevoie sa ceri !pingme , vei primii ping la interval de 5 minute de la server) Seen service ON/OFF (Raspunde la !seen daca un user cauta o persoana pe mirc scriptul trimite informatii despre acel nick) Protectie operatori (Protejeaza operatorii de kick/ban "Practic debaneaza un ban dat de un operator altui operator" si deopeaza . posibil takeover )
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11. Mithril Protect YOU! by |_pMAN_| And SengeHest
Downloads: 8650
File Size: 71.72 kb
Date Added: Nov 24th, 2006
Script Types: Utility, Protection
Author Description: This is a great channel protection and has 24 different kicks/bans to make you and your channel safe from different "attacks"!!with this addon i can with 100% garanti say this addon will make you safe on irc.
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12. IPCheck v.1.00 by chenghwa
File Size: 2.31 kb
Script Types: Popups, Utility
Author Description: This is a simple utility to check the physical location of the chatter based on ip address or hostnames. For example, it will do a lookup on to tell you it's from Singapore. It obtains the information via webservice. Check the readme-ipcheck.txt for more information.
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13. echoX inviter 2.04 by acronym
File Size: 1.02 mb
Script Types: Channel Bot, Utility
Author Description: Finally echoX inviter is done and release it to the public, no worries about excess flood it's a invisible inviter with the best functions ever..try it!
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14. IRCop con by sir`eats`alot
File Size: 3.19 kb
Script Types: Utility
Author Description: This is my first script an IRCop con addon (popup) it has all the modes (that you'd ever need on the channel menu) also mlock mode option, and on the nicklist there is some popups that give sop/aop/hop/vop access with a click of a button or 2.
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15. XFire - mIRC Echo Script by VRocker
File Size: 55.24 kb
Script Types: Utility
Author Description: This script echos your currently playing game and server (if applicable) to your current mIRC window using XFire. You can specify which channel to echo to or your curent channel. Readme is well set out and is easy to set up.
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16. VLC Support for mIRC by GoUiDoS
File Size: 34.4 kb
Script Types: Utility
Author Description: A simple VLC support for mIRC, it shows which file VLC player is currently playing. only beta version, but works pretty well for me. it was not easy to make.
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17. MasterCmd by alotofmus
File Size: 10.3 kb
Script Types: Beginner, Utility
Author Description: MasterCmd is a script i made to help lighting up the load on irCOP's and Admins on certon networks like NewNet or Criten it has commands like NickServ - ChanServ - MemoSev - BotServ and more. It's easy to use just click on a nick that needs the help and click on the command.
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18. Simple Socket Script Creator v0.1 by Chessnut
File Size: 24.81 kb
Author Description: This add-on will enable you to create Socket Scripts quickly and easily. You can use this script/dialog to open a page, view the HTML, find the desired line and edit the line - the script will do the rest! It will create the rest of the socket script so you don't have to. Excellent for beginners in showing how sockets are used, and for intermediate/advanced users viewing a page quickly and easily, and seeing visually how their script is progressing.
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19. SinnerNet Webcam mIRC by SinSeer
File Size: 702.29 kb
Script Types: Utility, Entertainment
Author Description: Our mIRC addon includes the ability to add public webcams, private webcams, and voice chat to your chat.
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20. stats.mrc Version 0.13 by Inhuman
Downloads: 1536
File Size: 362 bytes
Date Added: Nov 24th, 2006
Script Types: Entertainment, Utility
Author Description: This script was made with Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fans in mind. This script is an IRC script designed to give you a direct link to's famous FIGHTFINDER.ASP script. After it's loaded, when people type !stats Fighters_First_Name Fighters_Last_Name, (ex.: !Stats Matt Hughes) it responds with the link to the specified fighter's Mixed Martial Arts record page, provided by Great for any MMA channels, Pride, UFC, whatever.
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